Task Forces

Task Forces (TF) were created by 3D-ConTourNet Management Committee to pursue pre-defined objectives, inline with the Working Group activities. Task Forces are defined as follows:


  • To keep an updated summary of research interests and ongoing work of its members.
  • To identify research tracks with potential impact in science, technology and society, preferably aligned with National/European funding programs
  • To specify research topics where collaboration among members is likely to produce results of greater potential impact.
  • To define coordinated research tasks to be accomplished by identified members.


  • Active participants of 3D-ConTourNet may join a TF
  • The TF Leader can invite members.
  • MC members can propose TF members


  • TF are formally created in MC meetings with a mandate that expires in the next MC meeting, where the results shall be reported.
  • New TF can be created and/or maintaining the existing ones for the next period.
  • The technical program of WG meetings include the TF meetings.
  • TF leaders were chosen taking into account the COST inclusiveness policies.
  • The TF Leader may organise meetings in COST countries to accomplish the objectives. Participants are eligible for reimbursement of expenses
  • The TF report to the corresponding WG.

3D-ConTourNet  Task Forces

Simulation Tools & Experimental end-to-end Testbeds
TF Leader: Emil Dumic [HR]

Light Field capture and display modelling
TF Leader: Robert Bregovic [FI]

TF Leader: Karel Fliegel [CZ]

Emotional state and 3D content
TF Leader: Giulia Boato [IT]

Quality metrics for multiview applications
TF Leader: Federica Battisti [IT]

Depth Sensing with ToF
TF Leader: Michael Schoeberl [DE]

Optimisation and Adaptation of 3D image and video coding
TF Leader: Caroline Conti [PT]


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