Year 2: Summary

August/2013 – July/2014

Currently the Action gathers twenty-five COST countries plus two COST international partner countries and over one hundred participants are registered in the six working groups. Besides the working group meetings, scientific networking was developed through workshops and an Industry Forum organized by the Action (Budapest; June 2013), which brought together academic researchers and industry experts in different technology fields. A successful Training School was organized in this period (Sundsvall, Sweden), addressing the emerging field of plenoptic imaging and video. The level of inter-disciplinary research and the number of STSM increased in this period with positive impact on the outcomes, namely in collaborative actions among participants from different countries and also in the number of joint publications. The COST international partners were also involved in activities of common interest with different Action Members. Overall, the Action is starting to consolidate the establishment of an active network of researchers in the field of 3D media, as defined in the objectives stated in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).