Year 1: Summary

August/2012 – July/2013
The first year of activity brought the Action at the stage of knowledge sharing, interaction and interdisciplinary discussion. A successful Training School was organised in Tampere (August/2012), addressing different topics in the field of 3D Media in its various forms combined with its human perception and user experience and emphasising the corresponding computational approaches and architectures. The WG meetings held in Cagliari (September/2012) and Poznan (April/2013) provided a thorough overview of the research fields and problems where the Action participants are actively involved. These meetings were important events for networking and also for interaction with other European research programmes with objectives in the field of 3D networked media, such as FP7 projects and Cost Action Qualinet. Further networking and interaction with other European research programmes was accomplished with a workshop organised at the NEM Summit in Istanbul (October/2012). The Industry Forum organised in Poznan provided an excellent opportunity for the Action participants to get familiar with the innovative technology of the first Full-angle 3D Light Field Display (Holographika) and also with recent research activities in 3DTV broadcasting industry (BBC). In this first year, 6 STSM were accomplished involving researchers from Poland, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Brazil, Slovenia and Hungary. Still in the first year, a second Training School focused on plenoptic video was organised in Sandsvall (June/2013) and a workshop on Immersive Interactive Multimedia Communications was also organised at the IEEE International Conference on Communications in Budapest (June/2013). Several technical and scientific publications, with joint authorship of Action members from different COST participating countries, were accomplished in the first year. Overall, in this initial period the Action launched relevant seeds for future coordinated activities to pursue the overall objectives as defined in the MoU.